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Acid Reflex Problems

Digestive- Acid reflex Problems- Stomach
-Sandy Aug 22, 2009
Dear Dr. Kong
Thank you for helping me with my stomach-digestive-acid reflex problems

I came to you in sever pain seeking a remedy for my stomach and digestive health, With each treatment of acupuncture and Mox herbs I left your office feeling great!.
You listen to my descriptions of where and how I hurt and really help me. Not only with stomach I acid reflex but also with severe headaches and back pain as well.

Your caring touch and warm disposition has proved grateful healing than all the medications other Dr’s have prescribed to me, Western medicine has its place in treating patients but eastern medicine has done more for me. my energy lev디 is better and have had little to no stomach pain since seeing you
Thank you fo all you do to make other feel more whole.