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Acupuncture improved back pain

1. Back Pain
Brenda L.

Just after only three visits with Dr. Kong I have seen a vast improvement in my back pain.  I have been in pain for rearly six months since a head on car collision and after trying other options without success I am relieved to have such a positive response to Dr. Kong’s treatment in such a short period of time.  I am very grateful for Dr. Kong’s fantastic expertise

2. Back pain
Harris, Burbank

When I originally came in to see Dr. Kong, I could hardly stand up straight; the muscles in my back were all knotted-up. I had initially considered going to see an orthopedic physician, but I wasn’t remotely excited about my past experiences or the possibility of physical therapy.
After a series of comfortable, professional treatments with Dr. Kong, the muscles in my back totally relaxed and my flexibility returned. I could not be more pleased.
As a practitioner, Dr. Kong has a wonderfully relaxed manner that automatically puts one at ease. Her office is clean, well-ordered and inviting.
I’d gladly return for additional services and I’ve also referred friends. I’d encourage you to consider Dr. Kong’s Acupuncture and Herbs if you’re in pain.
Thank you

Lower Back Pain
I suffered for a year with lower back pain. It was adversely affecting my day to day life. Some days it was so bad that I would spend all day in bed. I tried physical therapy, massages and wwsde relalxers. The pain kept coming back.
It wasn’t until the treatment from Dr. Kong that the pain went away. I am was able to returin to my fun, active lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Kong !!

4. Back Pain

I, Maria, came to Dr. Kong to treat for back pain. t the time I was in a lot of pain and could barely lie down without feeling excruciating pain in my low back. I received an acupuncture treatment which lasted a month and I began to feel much better. I no longer have acute pain.
Thank you, Dr. Kong.

5. Lower Back Pain
Dear Dr. Kong
About 3years ago, I pained a nerve in my lower back. I first went to chiropractors but they were able to help very little.
Next I went to medical doctors, I was given much medicine and swallowed a lot of pills was really, really sick of taking all these dregs when one day I went past her place and noticed her sign.
The first three visits made a remarkable change and since then I have gotten less and less pain, even as I lessen the pain kills from the medical doctor She has made many of my days dreg free again as the pain lessens every week.
The medical Doctor’s said I needed both hips replaced sure am happy to have a professionals like her treat my problem

6. Lower Back Pain
When I first visited miss kong’s Acupuncture Clinic. I has multiple problems, my feet were cold, my hands had a tremor and my lower back was aching. I’ve admit with are these problems I was a little skeptical, but with my wife urging I decided to go for the treatment. Since I have been taking treatment for little over a month my feet are no longer cold and the tremor in my hands has significantly slowed and my back pain has lessened.
A grateful Patient.

7. Back Pain -Gone
Bea B.
Almost 5 yrs ago, I had a very hard cramps in my right thigh before going to bed.
The next morning the pain was so severe, I couldn’t lay flat on my back. They had to put me in the hospital on morphine before they could take X-rays or MRIs. The results on both were negative, so I was sent home with pain. My doctor called it sudo gout so he could claim his money from the insurance company.
For the next 4 yrs plus, I lived with the pain, but as it got worse I decided to go to Dr. Kong. After her treatments, the pain is gone!! So what mark can I say except–
Thank you so very much and God Bless.


Espertanza T.    Los Angeles, CA    1/9/2016 Updated review

So I have decided to write an update…
I’m still a patient of Dr Kong and very happy to be one. She has been helping me out considerably with my back pain since 2013 and with other ailments since. She sends me a birthday card every year (hand written still) and does not seemed bothered whenever my daughter tags along with me to any of the visits (she is currently 8 years old; even engages her in conversations at time). This is one woman who really cares for her patients!

Yesterday (01/08/2016), I had been delayed to my appointment with Dr Kong and she had called to remind me (most doctors in the past would fuss at me for being late; she just wanted to make sure I remembered, was still coming, and that everything was ok). I’m so glad that she did because after my session with her, I was 10x better than I had been for the last few days (Back story to this: I been sick to the stomach due to a food allergy)!  Doctor Kong initially asked me how my back was doing (as she does at the beginning of all of our sessions) and I proceeded to tell her about the stomach issue (I was severely bloated and had a swollen belly after 36-48 hours of stomach problems). She did some acupuncture and moxibustion this time (she has done this on me before for other ailments, but this was the first time with my belly for this type of ailment).  Within minutes, I was feeling relaxed and falling asleep. At the end of the session, my belly was at half of the swelling that it was when I came in (and as the night progressed, it came down altogether). This woman works wonders!