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Physically and Mentally
Matt 4-13-2013
Acupuncture has been both physically and mentally helpful. My knee no longer aches throughout the day and my stress level has declined immensely. I have longer slumbers during the night and feel much healthier. Since I stared acupuncture I have lost 20lbs.
Thank you.


Ktle S. Burbank, C A   11/14/2016

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was on my own and riddled with anxiety, but when I looked into acupuncture it was mainly for a solution to life long issues I’ve had with shoulder, back and hip pains.

Dr, Haio Kong has helped me tremendously in recovering from both. With regular visits not only do I feel relief with my joints and anxiety, but I feel comforted by her welcoming presence and bright personality as well. This office is a place of relaxation and recovery. It truly has become a safe haven for me.