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Bell’s Palsy

Bridget B.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Kong is a true healer!

I am 39 and was stricken with Bell’s Palsy. I had seen 2 other acupuncturists that did not specialize in BP and was scared that I would never recover movement in my face. After seeing Dr. Kong twice, my face started twitching and talking again. I went 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks and at the 4 week mark, I was 98% recovered! By week 5, I was 100% recovered!!

Dr. Kong was so knowledgable about BP and was very aggressive in her approach, yet had a calming presence and was very encouraging. This was crucial as BP can really depressing. Recovery stories are so varied and most GPs know little about it.

Dr. Kong was full of confidence, gave me exercises to do and showed me pictures of her prior BP success stories. The treatments and hope she gave me, I have no doubt, lent to my full and quick 4.5 week recovery! She wanted to beat it as much as I did, which she did!

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