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Bells Palsy

Cindy L. Los Angeles, CA 6/26/2021
Dr. Kong is seriously a Godsend if you’re navigating through any ailments…I’ve seen Dr. Kong four times in 3 weeks after being diagnosed with Bells Palsy. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference it has made in my recovery.

The first time I visited her office, I had neck pain, muscle weakness (I could barely hold up my own head), slurring, unable to eat/chew properly, let alone write my own name steadily on her paperwork. After the fist visit I saw immediate results in strengthening of my muscles! I was able to move my neck and arms with strength and I literally cried because I was able to sign and write my name steadily again. I walked out of there feeling like a completely different person after just one visit!

She is a very kind soul and I immediately felt how much she cared about my well being. She even mailed me a get well/thank you card…such a nice touch! It was also very easy to make a next day appointment and she listened while easing my fear of needles. I am now a pro at acupuncture and look forward to the needles (kind and the me/relaxation time in her office.

If you’re a skeptic or have anything that ails you, I cannot begin to praise her enough! Although I’m at about 95% recovery from Bells, I will continue to see Dr. Kong for muscle strengthening and issues with my typing wrist. Actually, pretty much for anything that feels off, she is the first person I will see! My neurologist has also said that acupuncture was not taught at med school but has encouraged me to keep going because it’s working wonders and has helped speed up the recovery time.

Do yourself a favor and call this place. You really won’t regret it!!! THANK YOU Dr. Kong, you are literally a lifesaver!

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