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calf muscle injuries

Brandon B. Burbank, CA 2/14/2014  5.0 star rating


I recently seen Doctor Haio for my right should and right calf muscle injuries. I injured my Calf last year while working on a production, and i hurt my shoulder in the gym This past september.  Everyday After my martial arts classes my calf is so tight it uncomfortable to walk. I stretch a lot before and after class to relieve some of the pressure, but that does not always work. Since i hurt my shoulder i have stop going to the gym, at first it was really painful and the doctor told me to take motrin, and do the ice and heat. For months it’s been to painful to sleep on my right side, i would wake up throughout the nigh in pain. After one session with Doctor Haio, my right calf feels less tense than my left. I slept on my shoulder this entire week without waking up to extreme pain. I still felt some discomfort, but it was very light, and bearable.  I scheduled another session this weekend, and i’m very excited.