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Chronic pain

Tiffany A.  May 2021

Dr Kong is EXCELLENT. I had chronic pain from pelvic dysfunction and interstitial cystitis, fatigue, and a terrible rash on my body that I think was from my immune system over-reacting. I wasn’t sure if I had lupus or what. I was in such intense pain, I had to take pain medication (tramadol) which I hated because it made me too tired to write or read. But the pain was so intense at night, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t walk around the block because the pain would come back, literally throbbing through my body. I was in so much pain I stopped getting my period for five months. I was bedridden. I was sleeping like a frog at night because of the muscle tension and nothing was helping. After seeing Dr Kong for six visits, I started to feel better and the pain has gradually gone away, my rash is also clearing up. I also got my period back after treatment. It’s incredible. I can sleep again without having to take tons of Benadryl. Also after my first treatment I slept so soundly, I slept until 2 in the afternoon and I had beautiful dreams. Truly beautiful dreams. It felt like I had been unblocked or something. Highly recommend Dr Kong.

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