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Fibromyalgia symptoms

Kae C. Burbank, CA 4/29/2021

I felt 80% better after just one visit! Dr. Kong is great!
I have a complicated set of chronic illnesses and am in recovery from abdominal surgery for a small hernia repair & removal of my gallbladder. Due to being really ill before surgery because of the inflamed gallbladder and also having fibromyalgia, my recovery wasn’t going as well as I had expected. I still had quite a bit of pain where the hernia was even though all my stitches had healed and a bunch of fibromyalgia symptoms, too.
After about 10 minutes of treatment, I felt really good. After the hour was over, the pain was significantly reduced. The muscle aches and fatigue were pretty much gone, also. I’m thrilled because I was worrying about aggravating everything once I start my exercise program again.

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