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Finally Results! After none using Western medicine…

Sue R.

Kuk Sool Won

I came to Dr Kong with pain in my heel from a heel spur that I had suffered with for over a year.  The pain was impacting my daily life, I could no longer walk my dogs, had to stop my daily exercise class as well as my volunteer job.  This spur was diagnosed by my medical doctor who then prescribed a treatment from a podiatrist.  Two painful cortisone shots and one weekend later, the pain was back just as strong.  Physical therapy was prescribed.  After two months, again no relief.  Several friends were seeing Dr Kong and getting significant results.  I decided to try myself.

I found Dr Kong to be a very pleasant, caring person who appeared genuinely interested in removing my pain.  Her acupuncture methods were different from those of other acupuncturists that I had tried all around Los Angeles county, including on the West Side, for other maladies!  Other acupuncturists, in my experience, used a pretty standard pattern of needle placement. The needles would be stimulated manually half-way through the treatment and then removed at the end.  Dr Kong’s method is to identify the exact source of the pain and ask for a pain level.   During the course of the treatment, she asks if the pain is changing.  Initially, Dr Kong used very few needles in her treatment then she placed further needles or changed methods as prescribed by my changing pain level.  A very unique, yet effective, procedure.

My healing was not immediate, but my symptoms were improving and by the end of two months, my symptoms were gone.

I can highly recommend Dr Kong as a very thoughtful, skilled professional.