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Headache-Almost disappeared

To whom it may concern:
I had been suffering from very painful headaches for ten days when I dropped by Dr. Kong’s office on 12/8/2012. My overall energy was so low I had to miss work for and entire week. My primary physician had given me drugs after drugs that bave me an upset stomach, dizziness, and vomiting. I was very worried that the headaches would never go away and that I wouldn’t be able to resume work.

In four sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Kong, I’ve been able to function again and bo my relief I have been able to resume work last week. My headaches have almost disappeared and I feel my energy level is slowly getting back to normal.
I’m extremely grateful I have found Dr. Kong who is a very caring and attentive Doctor. She is experienced and very professional and I would highly recommend her as a great acupuncturist.