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Weight Loss

Greg D. Burbank, CA   10/2016

I have suffered from sciatica in my left hip and leg for years. A year ago had a bad episode happen. It took me about 10days for Dr. Appt. By that time it had relaxed. In sept of 2015 my hip went out. I went to the Doctor, they gave me a X-Ray and steroids, anti-inflammatory and pain pills, a waste of time.

My wife suggested acupuncture I got a prescription from my Doctor. I went to Dr. Kong to try it out. I started treatment on Oct 19,2015. I started out going 2 times a week. Within a couple weeks I felt better then I had for the last year. I still go once a week and I’m doing very well. I can work, take care of my hot rods, everything I want to do.

I’m a true believer in Dr. Kong and her treatment.

Thank you Dr. Kong.

Loss Weight
1. Maria -Burbank CA
While treating my back. Dr. Kong also put me on a weight loss program, a 7day diet program taking the herb tea and I lost 9 pounds in one week! I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss and am very happy with the results.
Thank you, Dr. Kong

2. Ellen – Weight Loss. Van Nuys
After a very enthusiastic recommendation, I went to Dr. Hai Kong for weight loss, knee arthritis, and balance problems due to neuropathy.
I have seen Dr. Kong 7times, starting May 2, 2013. Dr. Kong put me on her special 7-day diet, along with acupuncture. The diet was very strict, yet I never felt particularly hungry, although it was quite boring. Also included in the diet was a tea that she provides. I lost 7lbs.

Along with the weight loss, I have regained my balance and am no longer afraid of falling. I have fallen in the past. I had stopped walking the dogs, but have now resumed, walking a little further each day.
My knee will never be perfect, but I am thrilled with the improvement and no longer take anti-inflammatory medication.

I am extremely happy with these results

1. Sciatica Nerve
Jorge City of Los Angeles
My mame is Jorge and I have had a sciatica nerve problem for about eight months now my doctor told me that this problem is something I have to deal with my whole life. He did not have any solutions for my back pain. Then I decided to try Eastern medicine, mainly acupuncture. I have been receibing acupuncture from Dr. Haio Kong for about one month. She is a good doctor and had greatly reduced my back pain. My back pain has become less and less.

2. Hip Arthritis, Sciatic Nerve and Weight Loss
Briseida SG

I’m very grateful I found you!  I had been experiencing lots of health problems for the last 8 years especially my right hip and right sciatic nerve due to a bicycle accident back in 1996.  I have back issues and also Lumbar 4 and 5 have bulging discs.  It was a real nightmare not being able to sleep or feeling tired due to my back pain and I couldn’t stay in bed until late due to pain.  My sciatic nerve was hurting more and more lately because I was diagnosed with right side hip arthritis.

I tried so many options, starting from deep tissue massage, reflexology, chiropractor and Orthopedics and nothing seemed to work.  I was feeling so depressed and frustrated because I didn’t feel any improvement and on top of it, lots of money being thrown away!

I always hear about acupuncture and I feel really tempted to give it a try.  I started to visit you and I can tell that you help me a lot.  I feel less pain and it seems to work since the first time I got the session. I feel my back in less pain and my right hip and sciatic have improved.  Lately started to feel more energy, less stress and I feel good even my temper is being so calm and relax. You also told me about weight loss treatment and with the 6 pounds I’ve lost in a week, I feel motivated to keep going.

I want to tell you that the most important part for me is the fact that acupuncture not ONLY focuses on the issues in your body but I have been treated as a whole and it’s great!  You treat people even for health problem such a liver, colon, and lungs, e.g.  I believe in the same concept that the body heals itself that there is nothing better that herbs coming from the Mother Nature.  I’m glad there are people out there in the world, like you, that are really willing to help others and not only take their money away.

I’m looking forward to keeping you as my number 1 Doc and a great friend.