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Hip Pain-2

Hip Pain
Esperanza T.
Los Angeles, CA
To be honest, when I first stumbled across Dr. Kong’s office, I thought it was an herb shop (strictly from the outside), but once I went in realized that it was actually an acupuncture office and that she did use herbal therapy as well. I decided to go ahead and try out her services after speaking with her by scheduling an appointment the following week.

My 1st visit: I honestly had no idea what to expect, so I went in with an open mind. After completing the thorough paperwork packet, we proceeded to the room where she started to examine my condition (yea back and hip pain!). When she first touched my problem areas, the pain level was at an 8. She began the procedure. I was actually surprised that acupuncture didn’t hurt anywhere near as badly as I feared it might. In fact, on the not so sensitive nerves, the needle insertions just felt like someone lightly flicking your skin. When she did hit the more sensitive nerves, yeah you felt it, but within a minute or two, I’d forgotten the needles were even there. I even found myself feeling relaxed and nodding off. By the end of that first visit, I was definitely a believer. When she checked my pain level again, I was down to a 4 from an eight. I was so happy because I have been in pain for so long and used to the pain and having to work around it (using cushions in the car to make driving more comfortable, etc) . Much to my surprise later that week, I received a card in the mail from Dr. Kong in which she was welcoming me as her patient. It was even hand written. I was touched! I decided that I definitely wanted to continue with her because she genuinely shows care for her patients in and out of the office.

My second visit ended up being two weeks later because I was out of town the week in between. Upon initial pain evaluation for that day, I was at a 6. She began with the procedure again. I found myself napping again! By the end of the visit, my pain level was down to a 2.

Visit 3: I felt almost no pain starting out this visit in my back, so we focused on the other areas that I had been suffering with (hip and knee). Again, napping ensues and pain level decreases by at least 2 levels. I really feel so relaxed in her office and even with the needles in. I even forgot about the needles being in my hand util I ended up moving my hand to scratch my back (ouch, forgot that was there!)! Unfortunately a day after my visit with her, I ended up having to move something that was a little on the heavy side… I think it undid all the work she had done on the previous visits… not good. Couldn’t wait until next visit…

This most recent visit, Dr Kong was very patient with me in regards to me having undone the wonders she had performed on me. My pain level started out at a 6 this time around… a lot more needles were used! By the end of the visit, I was down to a 2. I can’t thank her enough! I really wish I was able to attend her clinic twice a week instead of just once a week (darn work hours!), but I do still plan on going for as long as possible! She is such a sweetheart and so gentle-natured. I especially make it a point at the end of my visits to thank her in Korean so that she knows how grateful I am for her help.