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Knee Injury – pain lessened and range of motion increased

Zack F.

I have been living with a knee injury for nearly a year.  It has made doing normal motions like sitting cross legged and kneeling difficult and uncomfortable.  Then last week, on a friend’s recommendation, I walked into Dr. Haio Kong’s Acupuncture & Herbs clinic and began treatment.  Since then my pain has lessened and my range of motion has been dramatically increased.  I couldn’t crouch down last week because it hurt so bad to close my leg before I began treatment.  Today I can comfortably bend my leg almost all the way closed and in just about any other direction!

I am amazed at how easy, quick, and effective this therapy has been. When I first walked in I was a bit apprehensive to let someone prick me with needles but I was desperate to heal.  Dr. Haio put my mind at ease and the treatment feels more like meditation than anything else. Also the needles are so thin I haven’t seen even 1 drop of blood and they’re less painful than a child’s pinch.  I actually started looking forward to treatment because it’s so comfortable and relaxing! I hope that you will find the same benefits that I have. My life is improved for having tried this form of therapy and I’m sure yours will be too!