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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Patricia W. Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, CA 9/25/2013 -5.0 star rating

Updated review

Dr. Kong is a miracle worker. For years I’ve had severe neck and shoulder pain from a work injury that no one else was able to relieve without the use of pills, surgeries, and steroid injections.  After the first visit, I had a decrease in shoulder pain. After visit two, longer sleep thru the night. After visit three, a huge decrease in cervical spine/neck pain, and shoulder pain!

2 check-ins

Still seeing Dr. Kong. Now for new injury, and the visits are helping so much. She is wonderful and a true healer. She knows what she is doing. She provides care for the total body; and overall well-being.

Thank you, Dr. Kong.  I am so grateful for you