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Shoulder pain

1. Neck and Shoulder Pain

Dr. Kong is a miracle worker. For years I’ve had severe neck and shoulder pain from a work injury that no one else was able to relieve without the use of pills, surgeries, and steroid injections. After the first visit, I had a decrease in shoulder pain. After visit two, longer sleep thru the night. After visit three, a huge decrease in cervical spine/neck pain, and shoulder pain!

Thank you, Dr, Kong. I am so grateful for you.
Patricia W.
Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, CA

2. Herniated Disk-Shoulder Replacement on both limbs
Lucy Ceja (Los Angeles CA July 5, 2009)
Dear Dr. Kong
During the past few years, and after I had shoulder replacement on both limbs, I have suffered excruciating neck and lower back pain. I also have a herniated disk and sciatica nerve. I have gone through many doctors to try to ease my pain but all that has been unsuccessfully treated.
Ever since I stared coming to your therapy during the past two weeks, I have felt the changes, my body doesn’t ache as much and I’m able to have more mobility
Thank you Doctor Kong

3. Upper Bicep, hurt and Shoulder.
World Record Holder Long Range Seminer

Hai Kong, Ph.D.
Dear Dr. Kong,

I wanted to express my appreciation and deep gratitude for your help.
I am a long range fisherman and this is my passion. Last November, while fishing, I tore my upper bicep, hurt my shoulder and was in a great deal of pain. I went to my traditional doctor and he said it was a pretty bad tear. He set me yp with a physical therapy regimen and said if it didn’t get better surgery would be my only option. It didn’t get better.

Surgery is the last thing I wanted to do, but if my shoulder didn’t get better I wasn’t going to be able to fish any longer. I started looking for alternative solutions and asked around for a good acupuncturist and was referred to you. You treated my shoulder and bicep with 5 treatments. After that I was almost as good as new. I went fishing again in April for 17days and did quit well. So again, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me be able to do what I love.
May you always have a tight line in God’s in blue oceans!
Warm regards,
“The Long Ranger”
P.S. Good luck on your surf fishing!