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Numbness bilateral (Arms and Neck Thumbs)

Ileana G.
Burbank, CA

This is my testimony of gratitude to Dr.Haio Kong for her acupuncture treatments, -one of the oldest forms of non- traditional medicine dated back to 100 BC in China.

I could not be so much better if it were not for her. I have been under Dr. Haio Kong care for over 20 weeks (one weekly section). she has treated me for several injuries derived mainly from a very big accident in 2013, -and others past surgeries.

Dr. Kong has helped me to control or eradicate different symptoms such as arms radiculitis, -coming from the neck- including numbness bilateral in my thumbs, and mainly, and almost constant tingling in my mid back or thoracic area because of the compressed fracture from the accident. Also, I have been having on and off knee Issues because of meniscus tears which are almost gone now.

In 2013 I had to undergo emergency surgery from this accident on a serious broken neck. A mid back thoracic compression fractures could not be repaired at the time, hoping the vertebrae would sealed by themselves, but they did not heal properly.

I had been in to physical therapy all these four years and at three different clinics. All helped, but I had reached a plateau and I couldn’t get any better and no substantial improvement was any longer possible.

I stopped PT and have returned to swimming, light yoga, and continue practicing meditation to relax my body, and mind. Again,all has helped, but many symptoms continue limiting me, and as an author it is very frustrating to be limited when typing.

A little discouraged, I searched for other treatment modality, and I decided to listen to the advise of my friend and give acupuncture a try, – I didn’t have much hope because I tried it in Florida years ago and It didn’t work for me…however, Dr. Haio Kong has really, made the BIG difference this time.

Reluctantly I walked into her office, and to my surprise she listened to my entire medical history and developed a treatment plan that is adjusted weekly depending on my progress.

Every Monday needles are placed along my meridians accordingly. I don’t know exactly what acupuncture does, but certainty promote a sort of energy balance in the body and it has an analgesic effect- even when western medicine still continue to deny it.

Dr. Hong is a very nice, soft spoken, and compassionate professional. She is always patient no matter how busy the office is. It is totally amazing how she handles everything by herself in the office without any stress, and this an example, I guess, of her energetic alignment that she so well transmits to her clients.

Definitely Dr. Haio is a fine healer. she is the best, and has a soothing and calming effect on people. If you suffer from any chronic pain or other ailments, try acupuncture with Dr. Kong -in a consistent way, to find benefit in a short and hopefully long term.

We are all energetic beings and sometimes we get out of balance because of traumas and life in itself. I hope the West eventually accept and officially integrate this effective alternative form of healing that help us to return to wholeness.

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