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Pinched nerve neck & radiated arm and fingertips

Diana G.      Burbank, CA                      8/10/2016

I have never tried acupuncture treatment, but it was recommended by my Chiropractor after their treatment wasn’t working for a pinched nerve in my neck that radiated down my arm to my fingertips. I have had this problem for seven weeks and have tried physical therapy and chiropractic treatment!  After just two treatments, I’m 90% better.  I can now type without pain and carry on with my day to day activities with very little discomfort.  A friend recommended Dr. Kong and what attracted me to her office was her Christian faith.  There’s a calmness about her and her office.  She listened to my concerns and immediately started treatment.  She accommodated my work schedule and saw me the first day I called.  I later received a “thank you” HANDWRITTEN card in the mail and a handwritten birthday card – very nice. She has a life long patient/client with me.