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Running Injuries – only relief found through Dr Kong!

Sandy A.

I was referred to Hai Ok Acupuncture by a mutual running friend and mentor.  I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve had acupuncture before, but without positive results.

As a passionate, long distance runner, I’ve experienced various injuries in my quest to run marathons.  I tried many things to relieve the pain from my running injuries.  I’ve tried chiropractic treatments, sports massage, prescribed medicine, over the counter pain remedies… I even tried buying new shoes!  But the only thing that really helped to relieve my pain was my acupuncture treatments from Hai Ok.

In her endeavor to study what works for me and my body, she has been able to relieve my shoulder, arm and back pain. And don’t forget, runners have a lot of strain on their legs.  She has also been able to relieve the stress and tension brought on by long distance running

I like her approach and technique and feel that she is very competent at what she does.  As long as I am able to, I will continue to seek acupuncture treatment from Hai Ok and my body will be at peace.