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Weight Loss

Ellen – Weight Loss. Van Nuys
After a very enthusiastic recommendation, I went to Dr. Hai Kong for weight loss, knee arthritis, and balance problems due to neuropathy.
I have seen Dr. Kong 7times, starting May 2, 2013. Dr. Kong put me on her special 7-day diet, along with acupuncture. The diet was very strict, yet I never felt particularly hungry, although it was quite boring. Also included in the diet was a tea that she provides. I lost 7lbs.

Along with the weight loss, I have regained my balance and am no longer afraid of falling. I have fallen in the past. I had stopped walking the dogs, but have now resumed, walking a little further each day.
My knee will never be perfect, but I am thrilled with the improvement and no longer take anti-inflammatory medication.

I am extremely happy with these results.