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Allergies & Congestion relieved in three sessions

1. Allergies & Congestion Relieved in three sessions
Daniel H.

Dr. Haio Kong’s in Burbank was first recommended to me by my brother.  I had been dealing with extreme allergies & congestion.
after three sessions my congestion is much better.  I can breathe better and have more focus as my allergies have decreased significantly.

I highly recommend Haio Kong Acupuncture & Herbs services.

2. Allergies
Dr. Hai Kong
When my husband told me to come see you I was hesitant. I thought Allergies was just something I’ll have to deal with.
Thank you for proving me wrong and treating me. I don’t know why insurance companies don’t cover acupuncture because I would be able to do it more after. You treated me before for back pain, helped my mother-in-low and my husband. I hope you continue to do what you do so well. I will keep referring my friends and family to you.
Thank you