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Ankle injury – improved 50% in first treatment

Syd A.

Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts

Dr. Kong is a true professional.  When I go for treatment, immediately I know she cares about my current problem.  Whether it is injury or illness, acute or chronic, Dr, Kong seeks to understand and provide relief and healing.  She is focused and concerned, similar to a grandmother cleaning a wound… though not of an age to be a grandmother, I think!!!!

I first saw Dr. Kong for an ankle injury my medical professionals offered only surgery and therapy for.  She reduced the pain AND the swelling by 50% by my estimate.  That was her first treatment.  Since then she has healed my ankle and begun to work on a chronic back problem related to trauma.  I have every confidence in her.

I have been to acupuncture before with some level of result, it my feeling Dr. Kong is unique in her ability and more effective than most.  Her office is simple and understated, humble and functional.  It works for me, and I do hope for you as well.  I speak about her to everyone I know needs medical help.