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1. Painful headaches and low energy-

Catherine M.
I had been suffering from very painful headaches for ten days when I dropped by Dr. Kong’s office on 12/8/2012.  My overall energy was so low I had to miss work for and entire week.  My primary physician had given me drugs after drugs that gave me an upset stomach, dizziness, and vomiting.  I was very worried that the headaches would never go away and that I wouldn’t be able to resume work.

In four sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Kong, I’ve been able to function again and to my relief I have been able to resume work last week.  My headaches have almost disappeared and I feel my energy level is slowly getting back to normal.

I’m extremely grateful I have found Dr. Kong who is a very caring and attentive Doctor.  She is experienced and very professional and I would highly recommend her as a great acupuncturist.

2.Headache Relief Through Acupuncture

I have had headaches for as long as I can remember. I remember going to the doctor at a very young age only to find that what was causing my headaches was my diet. I was overwhelmed with the several various pills I had to take if I wanted to ger better. And so I resorted to a different method to help fight off my chronic head pain.
Acupuncture has helped better than anything else. Not once did I dislike coming to get acupuncture done. It makes you feel better than any pill will ever make you feel. It feels natural, like an eternal energy flowing throughout your entire body.
Dr Kong has helped me re-discover acupuncture in an amazing way. She truly is the best.


Lent.  Burbank CA             6/15/2015

I was in a severe car accident in October of 2012. My shoulder, knee, and arm were injured. Additionally, my head hit the steering wheel because the airbag did not deploy. I was in extreme pin especially from headaches and my knee. I tried physical, massage and heat therapies. I receive minimal relief and even that was not sustained. I happened by Dr. Kong’s office in 2015. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and her empathy for the pain I was experiencing. She helped me to maneuver through the bureaucratic maze of my HMO.

Almost immediately after the acupuncture sessions began my headaches were diminished. I no longer complained about my arm or shoulder. My knee which I had assumed would permanently require a walking aid began to respond to treatment. For the first time in almost three years I am able to navigate stairs normally. Dr. Kong has been  blessing.