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Bell’s Palsy


Studio City, CA                                                                10/28/2016

I went to Dr. Kong at first to accompany my husband who was suffering from Bell’s Palsy.  While he was being treated, I discovered that Dr. Kong has helped people with Reflux.  I have a type of reflux called LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux).  It is also known as “silent reflux” because people don’t realize that’s what they have.  It doesn’t cause heartburn like typical reflux, but causes excessive phlegm in the throat, leading to bronchitis that doesn’t resolve, and eventually to throat cancer.  It is difficult to diagnose because people think the bronchitis is due to respiratory issues rather than acid bubbling into the throat.   I was put on two different acid-reducing medications (Lansoprazole and Ranitidine) and had been on them for over a year and a half.  Lansoprazole can eventually cause osteoporosis so I wanted to get off of it, but every time I tried, the LPR would come back in about a month.

While being treated by Dr. Kong, I began to gradually reduce the amount of medications I was taking.   I have now been off the Lansoprazole for a couple of months and I am only taking the Ranitidine approximately once per week (instead of twice per day!).  I have not had any LPR symptoms so it has been a miracle for me!  Also, with her treatment, my husband’s Bell’s Palsy completely resolved in 6 weeks.
Dr. Kong is a truly caring person and authentic in her practice of acupuncture.  She can help to cure things that you didn’t think possible.  She is a wonder and I highly recommend her!