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Spinal Stenosis

Haroll S. Sun Valley, CA    12/6/2016

I have recently been diagnosed with “spinal Stenosis.” After much pain, that I have seem having and also receiving “Tylenol with codeine” which the pain management preached for me, which did not help my pain at all!

My daughter Debra, mentioned to me “Dad, why don’t you try Acupuncture?

She mentioned Dr. Haio Kong , who she has seen, and has been very satisfied!

Since I have been going to Dr. Haio Kong, my pain is gone. I am able to drive my car!

Now I can stand and walk slowly  as I could not before!

I do not need a stroller or walker s I died before!

I definitely feel so much better

And I  would recommend to all who need any any….. of Dr. Haio Kong reviews and remedies that she can offer, and to visit her and I know you will be happy!

She is a God send!