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Herniated disks low back

Jasper R.   Burbank, CA 12/9/2016

When I first went to visit Dr. Kong , I was in severe back pain as a result of surgery for two badly herniated disks in my low back, After my very first visit I was able to experience significant relief , and have been able to reduce my pain medication from once a day to once or twice a week. also the Numbness in my feet and leg has improved as a result of my twice weekly visits.  With out hesitation I highly recommend her services , she is kind , and gifted healer with an extensive knowledge of  healing  and  the power of prayer.  J. Rose Burbank CA 12/8/2016


Multiple herniated discs

Vanessa V. Burbank, CA    2/20/2015

I recently found out that I have a degenerative joint disorder in my neck.  I have multiple herniated discs and my vertebrae are so compressed they pinched the nerves to my rotator cuff and forearm on my right dominant side. It started with horrible debilitating, hot, shooting pain in my neck and branched out to my back, shoulder and all the way down my arm and hand. For the first week I couldn’t sit up, let alone stand and walk around. I was a nanny by day, but I had to quit those jobs because docs told me not to lift anything 20 pounds+ for the rest of my life… and at this point i couldn’t even lift my arm, with or without anything in it. I teach fitness, too, and I’m in my 30’s, this lack of strength and mobility was far from my norm.

After 6 weeks of going to 4 different doctors, getting X-rays, an MRI & C-spine and finishing 4 different prescriptions, I was still told I’d need epidural shots and surgery or I’d be risking permanent paralysis on my right side. Trying not to lose hope, I decided to go to Dr. Kong who had amazing reviews and also happened to be covered by my insurance.

I’d never been to acupuncture before, I hate needles and I was very nervous. But I couldn’t lift my arm more than 4 inches away from my body, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

At my first appointment, Dr. Kong was very warm and reassuring. Her little office has pretty decor and positive sayings on the wall… it felt very home-y somehow. Very comforting and cozy for a doctor’s office setting.

She put some needles in, I waited, she removed them and I could lift my arm a bit higher, but she didn’t seem satisfied. I lay down again and she tried more needles in different places. I did my best to relax and visualize myself well… pictured teaching dance again, doing yoga… she came back frequently to check on me, smiling each time she entered the room. Then she removed the 2nd set of needles and asked me to lift my arm. I stood up, took a deep breath and my arm felt like it just floated… to the height of my shoulders. It seriously felt like a miracle after all I’d been through. I was stunned and so happy, I just started crying. She hugged me and patted my back.

Haio helped me when it seemed no one else could. She is so positive… it makes me confident that I will be well. I still hate needles, but I love her. I would refer to anyone, and I will keep going back. She is magic and I am a believer.