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Hip Flexor pain relief

Hip flexor

Laura F.

I’ve been an avid runner for 15 years and have been fortunate enough to have very few injuries.

However, I began having a terrible pain in my hip flexor, as a result of frequent running in the late spring of 2011. After seeing a sports medicine physician in June of 2011, I was prescribed 3months of intense physical therapy with the intent to repair my hip. After 2months of physical therapy, I was not healed and still felt that I needed to pursue an alternative approach in order to continue running without pain.

I had no experience having acupuncture prior to seeing Dr. Haio Kong at her Acupuncture and Herbs office.  I have been a patient of hers now for 2 months, coming to her office once a week.  I am no longer doing any physical therapy and I am able to run 4 to 5 times a week without pain due to the successful results I am experiencing thanks to Dr. Kong’s treatment.  I am close to feeling pain-free and I am confident that with time and continued acupuncture treatments, my hip will be rehabilitated.

I highly recommend treatment with Dr. Haio Kong, as she listens to her patients and sets realistic goals.